Homeless Dog Saved From Street Spends All Day Depressed In A Corner Of Shelter

Nala the Pit Bull was found wandering the streets in a distressed mental state, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Someone rescued the pitiful girl and brought her to the Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue, but it only aggravated the terrified dog further. She was extremely shut down and would spend all her time trembling in a corner of her kennel.

A shelter worker named Abby tried for hours and hours to gain Nala’s trust, but the dog would only growl at her and warn her to back off.

The woman sat on the floor and kept begging the depressed dog to give her a chance, but Nala wouldn’t even make eye contact with her.

After 2 days of struggle, Abby finally brought out her “secret weapon” – her 7-year-old son named Zach!

The moment Zach walked into the shelter, a gloomy Nala curiously lifted her head up in an instant. She lost all inhibitions as she raced to the kennel door with a wagging tail to greet the little boy, and finally let Abby pet her too!

Since that day, Zach became an important part of Nala’s rehabilitation. It was discovered that the pooch was actually suffering from acute separation anxiety from being abandoned by her previous family.

But with Zach’s devoted help, she was able to overcome her trauma and find her ability to love again!

Nala is doing great in her forever home now, and has blossomed into an outgoing and friendly pooch.

Her story speaks a lot about the impact of children on abused or broken dogs – and it’s one of the most innocent and magical things in this world!

Click the video below to watch a skittish Nala’s instant transformation triggered by Zach’s presence.